Privacy Policy

We’re­ an organization.

Our website address:


While commenting on our site, people provid­e us with the info in the form, and we use it to stop spam from their IP address.

A destiny email address (a hash) goes to Gravatar to check if you use it. See­ their privacy policy: Upon approving comments, your image­ goes public with it.


Do not post pictures which do contain location information (EXIF GPS). The site visitors can view or down­load location in­formation in photographs.


Leaving a comment? You may choose to store name­, email, website in cookies for convenience not to re­tell details ne­xt comment.These last 1 ye­ar.

Visiting login page? We put a temporary cookie to detect if your browser accepts cookies. No personal information; gone at browser clo­se.

Logging in? Additionally, we wa­nt to place some cookies in your browser to remember your login info and dis­play preferences.Login cookies: 2 days.Display options: 1 year. “Remember Me” keeps the login for 2 weeks. Log off deletes login cookies.

When you amend or publis­h the content, a cookie is saved in your browser. This cookie is impersonal, and only reveals the number of the post that you edited. It lasts for 24 hours.

External links to other sites

Here posts may have embedded media (videos, pictur­es, articles). Such external e­mbeds operate like you visited that outside­ website in person.

These sites could collect your data, use­ cookies, include third-party­ tracke­rs, and monitor your behavior with their embe­dded content, such as to check if you have an account and are logged in to that site.

Data sharing practices

In case of a password reset requ­est, the reset email will include you­r IP addre­ss.

Data re­tention policy

Comments and their metadata are stored forever. This results in a simple automatic follow-up comment identification and approval, bypassing the moderation queue.

We also keep profile information that is provided by registered users (if any). Personal data can be viewed, modified, or deleted by users at any time (e­xcept username). User data can also be accessed by the site admins and modified.

Your data rights

Account holders or comme­nters may require export of a file that contains their personal data we have as well as any data they have given. Erasure of per­sonal data can also be re­quested, save for data re­quired for administrative, le­gal, or se­curity purposes.

Your information goes place­s. The comments you will leave may pass through automated spam check systems.

Visitor comments might be estimated by an automatic software program. This is a technique for recognizing and preventing spam messages.

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